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Hydrodemoltion Specialist

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American water jetting is a well established and professional construction company located in the East Bay Area of Northern California. We specialize in all things related to Hydroblasting and Hydrodemolition (Concrete Removal, CIDH Pile Anomalies and Anomaly Mitigation, etc). This includes both water jetting and water blasting. We have happly provided services for many local bay area landmarks.

American Water Jetting was the first to repair CIDH (cast-in-drilled-hole) pile anomalies back in 1985.  It was a railroad job for CalTrans in Cottonwood. California.  From there we started doing 3 to 5 jobs a year gaining more and more experience under our belt and refining our methods to perfection.  On the Richmond San Rafael Bridge another contractor came and tried to copy our methodology.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the fundamental knowledge of the nuances of such an undertaking and failed to even eliminate the PVC inspection tubes.  This failure brought on the regulation of mandatory down hole camera inspection and 100% removal of all related PVC tube.  When American Water Jetting was subject to this test we passed with Red, White and Blue colors and have been building our reputation as the Anomaly King ever since!

In 2000 while repairing anomalies for Malcolm Drilling we met John Fabish.  Fabish who was repairing anomalies for Malcolm used American Water Jetting’s services until 2006 when he left Malcolm to start his own company Grout Repair Specialist (GRS ).  From 2006 to 2014 GRS used AWJ’s services for all hydro blasting and grouting of CIDH piles and continuing to this day uses American Water Jetting’s procedure and design on anomaly repair.

With 30 years and over 10,000 linear feet of anomaly repair, American Water Jetting understands the nuances, intricacies and variation involved in fixing anomalies in CIDH piles.  We are an all in one CIDH pile repair specialist.  From mitigation planning to water jetting to pressure grouting to post mitigation report, when it comes to anomalies, we’re the king!